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TMNT 30 Day Shipping Challenge
Day 6:  Who do you ship Michelangelo with the most?

Michelangelo x Food

Food totally counts as an otp :3

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Turtles in Time #1

The most hilarious part of the issue, to me.

We don't need to be careful, we just need to be huge

inspired by [x]

track name: Scars
artist: Allison Iraheta
album: Just Like You
play count: 711


scars // allison iraheta

i’ve got flaws, i’ve got faults
keep searching for your perfect heart
it doesn’t matter who you are
we all have our scars, we all have our scars

track name: My Best Friends In The World_DEMO
artist: Rebecca Sugar
album: Rebecca Sugar
play count: 50549


The demo for the finale song in “What Was Missing,” “My Best Friends in the World!”

I’m really honored when people call me a songwriter. I wanted to earn that title with the songs I wrote for this episode. Here are the chords-

A7, Dm, A7, Dm

A7, Dm, A7, Dm

Bb, F, A7, Dm,

This- this is what was missing! The truth!

Bb, F, Bb, F, 

Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb, F, Bb, F, A7,

Bb, F, C, Bb, 

Bb, F, C, Bb, 

Bb, F, C, Bb,

F…. A7…


…G… (shifts up…)

C, G, D, C,

C, G, D, C,

C, G, D, C,

G…. B7…

Em, C, G, B7,

Em (doooooor break!)

track name: I Want to Be Evil
artist: Eartha Kitt
album: The Essential: Eartha Kitt
play count: 1775


i want to be evil // eartha kitt

i wanna be evil, i wanna hurt flies
i wanna sing songs like the guy who cries
i wanna be horrid, i wanna drink booze
and whatever i’ve got, i’m eager to lose

track name: Blinding (Acoustic)
artist: Florence + the Machine
play count: 10865

felt it in my fist, in my feet, in the hollows of my eyelids
shaking through my skull, through my spine, and down through my ribs

track name: Who Will Save You Now
artist: Les Friction
album: Les Friction
play count: 693


'I will not take from you; and you will not owe.

I will protect you from the fire below.

It is not in my mind; it’s here at my side.

Go tell the world, that I’m still alive.’

track name: Heroes (David Bowie Cover)
artist: Janelle Monáe
album: Heroes - Single
play count: 1027


Janelle Monáe - Heroes (David Bowie Cover)

track name: Spiderwebs
artist: No Doubt
album: Tragic Kingdom
play count: 93


music challenge — [ 19 / 365 ]

You think that we connect
That the chemistry’s correct
Your words walk right through my ears
Presuming I like what I hear

track name: 99 Times
artist: Kate Voegele
album: A Fine Mess
play count: 41
track name: I've Been Kissed Before
artist: Laura Ellis
album: Femme Fatale
play count: 41


Laura Ellis - I’ve Been Kissed Before

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