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Bill Dipper! … Bipper

We are the Crystal Gems.

Yeah yeah, don’t forget; reckless, vulgar, “loud mouthed”, and that’s just what makes me so AWESOME!

track name: In The Real Way
artist: Deedee Magno / Zach Callison
play count: 74857


Song in other languages

track name: House On Fire (ft Laura Ellis)
artist: Laura Ellis and Nicolas Marquis
album: Shadow Music: A Soundtrack to Contrast
play count: 335

You ain’t a lover, you’re a house on fire
I’m burning so
You hear that siren?
Come on baby, I’ve gotta go

track name: Turtle Power
artist: Partners in Kryme
album: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
play count: 149


Turtle Power
Partners In Kryme
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie ost

You know, being dead might have its advantages


Things in TMNT that turn me on more than it should: [ 4/ ]

Michelangelo wearing a dress


I had to gif this because 1) Donnie & Raph interaction and 2) D O NA TELL OOOO


hold on my show is on

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